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Why A Walkway?

Many home and business owners chose their specific piece of property for their natural beauty commonly found around Harbor Springs, MI,. Whether you are off the beach or off the inter-coastal, you want to have access to the nearby recreational resources while preserving the natural beauty around your property. The solution is by building a walkway. A walkway can preserve the natural beauty around your property while getting you to your destination. Our walkways are custom-built, designed with specifications from the client. If you are looking for walkway construction in Harbor Springs, MI, choose 3rd Coast Pros. Our core values of honesty, integrity and reliability are apparent throughout the entire process.

Beach Dune Walkways

Beach dunes are an integral part of erosion control and storm protection on many beaches. Because of this, many government entities have extensive regulations that prohibit removing or otherwise disturbing natural beach dunes. To help get you from your home to the beach, a walkway would be required. Instead of destroying the beach dune by going through it, a walkway would be constructed to go over the beach dune. This presents many challenges such as stabilizing the walkway without disturbing the dune itself. At 3rd Coast Pros, your Harbor Springs, MI, walkway construction company, we have extensive experience that allows us to get the job done. By only using superior quality marine treated materials, we make sure our finished products last.

Wetland Walkways

Need to cross some wetland areas to reach the water? A traditional concrete or even stone path may seem like an easy solution, however, wetland areas have unique issues that needs to be addressed. For one, some wetland areas may be protected by local conservation ordinances, preventing any construction on the wetland floor. Also, by nature of the ground itself, wetland grounds may not be able to support heavy path materials such as concrete or stone. The answer to this is to construct a walkway over the wetlands itself. A walkway leaves a minimal impact and can even be blended into the natural setting of the area. Overall, many walkways require minimal maintenance and can be built to appease both owner specifications and local ordinances. In order to have a well-built and aesthetically pleasing walkway, choose a Harbor Springs, MI, walkway construction company that has years of experience, instills the values of honesty, integrity and reliability and is veteran owned. That company is 3rd Coast Pros.

Steep Grade Walkways

Walkway construction in Harbor Springs, MI, is not easy. With many variables to factor into the design and construction of the walkways, you need a company who has plenty of experience to overcome these hurdles. In some areas, your home or business might be built on a higher elevation than the waterfront you are trying to access below. A winding path is an option, but it can be prohibitively expensive, as well as leave a visible mark in the landscape. The solution is to build a walkway down to your destination. This would leave a minimal footprint going down and keep the natural beauty of the surrounding property intact. All of our walkways are custom-built, designed to the client’s specifications. Our custom walkway construction in Harbor Springs, MI, is top notch with various options to choose from.

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Walkway Construction Services

Stylish yet low maintenance option for garden walkwayswalkways’ leading to your patio or to your front door then concrete is an excellent option for you. Concrete walkways are one of the best long-term and low-maintenance options on the market. 

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